Sturgis Vet Appointments

For your convenience we are now offering PRE-APPOINTMENT FORMS that you can fill out at home prior to your appointments here at the EQUINE CENTER! Simply click on the following LINKS and type in your information. When completed just click 'Send Email' at the bottom and it will forward to us directly. You can also PRINT A COPY and BRING IT WITH YOU to your appointment. (Your typed in name toward the bottom of the forms will be your electronic signature.)

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1. How do you intend to use this horse?

2. Describe the intended rider’s age, size, ability and experience:

3. How long have you been acquainted with this horse?
4. Have you tried out this horse? In what fashion?

5. How important are the following traits?

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6. How do you rate this horse’s suitability for its intended use? Unique Exceptional Adequate
7. What type of care will this horse receive? Intensive (continual care and supervision
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As the potential horse buyer, I understand that this pre-purchase exam does not warrant this horse’s suitability for the purpose intended and is limited by my statements and instructions on the depth of the exam desired, tests I requested and the fee I agree to pay.

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It is important to remember that the pre-purchase examination can only give information about the horse's health and condition on the day of the exam. While this information is very important, it is never a complete picture. Many factors that impact a horse's health are not necessarily detectable on the day of the exam. The veterinarian can’t predict the horse's future, and no guarantee can be issued. The role of the veterinarian in the pre-purchase examination is not to "pass" or "fail" the horse. Instead, it is to help you make an informed decision by providing information about the horse's health. Ultimately, the decision to purchase this animal can only be made by the prospective buyer. Remember, the veterinarian is happy to discuss any questions the prospective buyer may have about the exam findings. Please call the clinic with any questions or concerns at 1-605-347-4436