Everyone has the greatest love for their animals whether a family member, working ranch hand, or competitive team mate. We treat your friend with compassionate care, incorporating the most advanced technology and medical expertise available, offering a full range of health care from routine/preventive maintenance to the most advanced surgery, medicine, and dentistry.

Sturgis Veterinary Hospital always provides prompt and professional services. They have the facilities and staff to handle all of our equine needs on farm or at the clinic. We are never disappointed in the standard of care and the expertise that Sturgis Veterinary Hospital provides to High Plains Genetics, LLC.

  Ty Hendrix
General Manager
High Plains Genetics LLC

We have been using Sturgis Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years. Dr. Ismay, Bonnie Ismay and their staff have always placed the needs of the animals as their first priority. We have called them on Sunday morning, even on Christmas morning, with an emergency and their response has always been, “how quickly can you be here – we will be ready for you”. We cannot count the number of times they have saved a horse for us. They are also always available by phone for follow up questions. We are located about 100 miles from Sturgis, and while we are fortunate to have a great local veterinary clinic to handle the majority of our needs, when the chips are down – we head to Sturgis.

  Lis Hollmann,
Frenchmans Quarter Horses

Dr. John Ismay has been my veterinarian for about 30 years. He has cared for my horses health and injuries when necessary, always to be available or have his equine clinic covered by his staff of equine veterinarians. I have referred many friends to his clinic and they have all expressed their gratefulness to me for the care they received at this clinic. It is a state of the art facility that people are willing to bring their horses from a very far distance.

  Lonna Morkert

Our experience with The Sturgis Veterinary Hospital has been exceptional – Dr. Ismay and his team of Drs. Janke and Metz, the vet techs and the front office are all very professional, considerate and have your horse in their best interest. They pay special attention to detail and go the extra mile to obtain full recovery. Our hats go off to the men and women of Sturgis Vet Hospital and we are proud to recommend them to all equine owners.

  Bill & Corliss Kellogg
Gettysburg, SD

We use Sturgis Veterinary Clinic for all aspects of horse care, from breeding (Artificial Insemination) to general health problems which might include lameness, bad eyes or dental care. We are very satisfied with the work that they do and the relationship that we have with them. We are impressed with the facility and the professionalism of Dr. Ismay, Dr. Janke and Dr. Mez. Their backup team of vet techs and receptionists are very competent and are always on hand to help. Sturgis is always our first choice for equine care.
  Beaver Creek Ranch
John & Heather Kennedy
Sundance, Wyoming