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Equine Acupuncture

Our veterinarians offer equine acupuncture for horses in Sturgis. Horse acupuncture aims to provide pain relief and sports injury recovery, and to supplement other therapies.

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Acupuncture for Horses

Acupuncture has been used to treat various medical conditions in humans and animals for more than 3,000 years. Horses were among the first animals treated with acupuncture due to their importance in warfare and farming.

Today, equine acupuncture is commonly incorporated in the treatment of several conditions, especially musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.

Our vets at Sturgis Veterinary Hospital & Equine Center understand that when your horse is in pain, it can cause issues throughout its entire body. We are here to help.

Equine Acupuncture, Sturgis Vets

What to Expect with Equine Acupuncture

Acupuncture is primarily used in sports horses to manage pain and restore function. Acupuncture involves inserting needles at specific points on the body where there are increased numbers of nerve endings, blood vessels, and lymphatics to help alleviate pain and target specific conditions.

Keep in mind that acupuncture is not a magical cure. It will not instantly mend a broken bone or turn a lumbering draft horse into a Five Start Eventer. However, by using thin needles to stimulate various places on the horse’s body, this treatment can influence physiological effects.

This may be due to the release of hormones, activation of nerve responses, or triggering of immune system function. In order to give your horse the best chance at improvement/recovery, your veterinarian might recommend multiple sessions.

Results from veterinary acupuncture treatments are typically noticeable after 1 to 3 treatments performed weekly.

Conditions Acupuncture Can Treat

Acupuncture for horses may be used to provide relief for a variety of conditions including the following:

  • Sore back
  • Sore neck
  • Navicular issues leading to foot pain
  • Laminitis (acute and chronic)
  • Tendon/ligament injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Extending the period between joint injections
  • Muscle atrophy/loss
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Heaves/allergic lung conditions
  • Anhidrosis or non-sweating
  • Reproductive issues

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